Caliblini Personal Chef Service

Too busy to cook? No time to go grocery shopping? Always wanted to eat healthier, but don't know where to start? Tired of takeout food? Have a family member on a special diet?

No problems. Hire a personal chef. It's not just for the rich and famous anymore. Anyone who can afford to eat can afford tasty homemade dishes prepared by a personal chef, with the personal attention to their food preferences, life style, and dietary requirements.

I'll shop the grocery stores and farmers markets for the finest seasonal ingredients, cook them in your kitchen, fill your refrigerator with delicious dishes to be reheated following easy printed instructions and enjoyed throughout the week, whenever you want them, and leave your kitchen cleaner than before and filled with wonderful aromas of home cooking. And it will cost you less than you would pay for restaurant takeouts.

How it works

After you contact me, we will set up an appointment in your home. I will interview you and your family and learn about your likes, dislikes, and allergies. I will present you with a few sample weekly menus that we will review and adjust to your family requirements. I will also survey your kitchen, and make a list of gadgets that I should bring to our cooking day. We will schedule the day of the week when I will come to your home to cook.

After the initial interview, each week, a few days before our scheduled cooking day, I will email you the menu for the next week. You can approve it as is, or request any changes, additions, or substitutions.

On the cooking day, I will come to your home (you don't have to be present, just give me some means to enter - just like with your house cleaner), bring the groceries and equipment, cook the meals for the week, package them either individually or family-style in convenient containers, attach reheating and serving instructions, and leave them in your refrigerator or freezer. Then I clean the kitchen and leave.

You come home, select the dish from the fridge, reheat and enjoy.


Each dish contains four servings or more, and includes a side dish, plus leftovers to take for lunch. On our cooking day, you also get a fresh salad or soup to go with your dinner.

Prices include menu planning, shopping, cooking, packaging, and clean-up. The cost of groceries is additional, and can vary widely depending on what you like to eat: a vegetarian high-fiber menu of seasonal vegetables and grains will be considerably less expensive than a high-protein diet of grass-fed beef steaks and fresh seafood.

I offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly service, with the choice of one of the following packages:
# of dishes serves 1 serves 2 serves 4 price
3 dishes 12 days 6 days 3 days $320
4 dishes 16 days (we'll have
to freeze some)
8 days 4 days $350
5 dishes 20 days (frozen) 10 days 5 days $375

These packages are examples. There are other options tailored to your lifestyle, preferences, and budget.

Talk to me.